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Virens Restaurant - led by chef Rodrigo de la Calle in the Almanac Barcelona hotel - has proudly received the award for the best Discovery Restaurant in Spain 2022, and is at number 18 in the TOP 100 Best Vegetable restaurants in the World 2022 by the world renowned We’re Smart Green Guide, which recognizes the world’s best vegetable and fruit-based restaurants.

El Invernadero restaurant, Rodrigo de la Calle‘s fine dining proposal, located in Madrid, takes second place in the TOP Best Vegetable restaurants in the World 2022 which considers the culinary creativity, ecological footprint and social impact of each restaurant.

The awards were announced at the Gastronomic Forum held in Barcelona this week where hundreds of chefs and experts from 15 countries have taken part the exhibit.


Virens restaurant & Rodrigo de la Calle

Virens is Almanac Barcelona’s restaurant, based on the philosophy of organic farming, with natural plants and fungi products as the protagonists. We are committed to healthy, creative and versatile cooking made with local, farm-to-table products.

Rodrigo de la Calle presents a menu that stars all kinds of vegetables, followed by a spectacular selection of rice dishes, as well as, organic meat and organic fish of the highest quality. For those with a sweet tooth, the desserts include a wide range of options, from the reinterpretation of classic sweets to the preparation of more radical recipes with fruits and vegetables.

Rodrigo de la Calle's passion for green cooking was awoken as a child when he lived in the small town of Mogón, in Jaén, surrounded by vegetable gardens and nature.

Son of a farmer and grandson of chefs, he started out in the restaurant world in 2007 with his first restaurant Aranjuez, where he began to introduce forgotten, unknown or unusual vegetable spices into his culinary creations.