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The greenest Christmas of all at Virens



Virens is known for its green cuisine and the Christmas season will make no exception.

There are traditional dishes that cannot be missed on the Christmas table, like the cannelloni or the sweet chocolates, but we invite you to enjoy them with a green twist: our chef’s signature. We embark you on a magic experience to celebrate this special season of the year with a creative culinary proposal, designed by Rodrigo de la Calle.

We offer different menu options from the 24th to the 26th as well as on the 31st of December. Vegetarian Christmas menu, vegan New Year’s Eve menu as well as omnivore options, gather your loved ones and book a table at Virens: you will fall in love with vegetables over and over again. The festive season can be celebrated in a gourmet yet healthy way, and Rodrigo de la Calle proves it with special Christmas menu inspired by his emblematic dishes.

2022 has been a key year for our Virens restaurant led by Michelin-starred Rodrigo de la Calle. It’s been a year of growth, recognition – Virens received the Discovery award of the Year in Spain, by the We’re Smart Green Guide as Best vegetable restaurant – and sustainable improvement. We would be honored to share the end of this special year in your company and make you discover or rediscover our chef’s green haute cuisine.

Should we book you a table to have the greenest and greatest Christmas of all?