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Virens is not just another trendy vegetarian restaurant in Barcelona, it is a place where vegetables and natural products are the protagonists of every dish on the menu. This food we used to put on the side of our plate as kids is proving us that it has a lot more to offer than just healthy benefits. Rodrigo de la Calle manages to surprise us by reinventing the use of vegetables from the appetizers to the dessert. Would you ever imagine that you could enjoy a cauliflower, artichoke, or truffle-based dessert and love it? Our Chef demonstrates his expertise in preparing and enhancing the savors of natural products, by crafting a flowing and complete menu to offer you a creative gastronomic experience. Virens is as vegetarian restaurant redefining the green haute cuisine.

Experiencing a meal at Virens is an invitation to Rodrigo de la Calle’s culinary world. Since he started as a Chef, selecting the best products is at the heart of his art. Indeed, his commitment to the use of organic and quality products reveals his respect for nature. Its quality, freshness, seasonality and production proximity, nothing is left to chance to select the perfect vegetable to offer you the most delicious and creative dishes. When Rodrigo de la Calle does his magic, you can only change your mind and give the vegetarian haute cuisine a chance. Moreover, respecting the seasonality of products enables him to regularly reinvent himself and propose new recipes.

We are proud that Rodrigo de la Calle chose Barcelona and especially Almanac Barcelona to keep spreading his philosophy of honest and farm-to-table haute cuisine. Virens is the perfect vegetarian restaurant if you are looking for a healthy, organic yet delicious and surprising culinary experience. Let us amaze you with our gastronomic green concept!

If you wish to know more about Rodrigo de la Calle and his gastronomic path, we invite you to visit his website at the following link. CLICK